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Movement #1 - I am seeing movement form all sides now. The books are selling and I don't know who is buying. Love it.

Movement #2 - The Web site metrics are fascinating to watch, INDIA , someone in India is finding my website interesting. Love it.

Movement #3 - Attempting an old school thing. I have placed an Advertising that may bring folks to my website and to buy my books. Placed the ad for this next week in the County Press, (eastern zone only which is Marple and Newtown Townships basically. If this takes off and I see any interest at all, I will start placing ads in select papers. Love it.

Movement #4 - I have been sending what is called a Query Letter with the first three chapters to Literary Agents across the country. The hope is I find one that is looking for a Young Adult series that is already published somewhat, meaning self published on Amazon. This came on the heals of an offer by a publisher that wanted me to pay them to publish my book, Thanks but no thanks.

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