Welcome to my Life Blog.

So here we are, about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. If you care to come along, check back for each new installment.  I can't predict the frequency of the installments, but the adventure will be about our big RV adventure journey. For those that don't know the RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. Please if you like the idea, please come along for the ride.

Oh Yea, if you like to read a good book, check my book listing found on this site.


1- Making Decisions     10/24/2019

2- Navigating Macular 10/26/2019

3- Elective Surgery       11/01/2019

4- Texas Trip                11/10/2019

5- Anticipation             11/16/2019

6 The Unseen Writing     11/25/2019

7 Going To Texas for RV 12/17/2019

8 Getting the RV Home   12/17/2019

9 Retirement                   02/29/2020

10 Pictures Retirement      02/29/2020

11 Two Weeks Retired     03/13/2020

12 On our way, Soon     05/30/2020

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