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T- minus 2 weeks and counting

Ever feel like everything is against you like the universe is trying to tell you something? Case in point, a lightning strike a few nights ago, so close to the house, it woke us up. In the morning, no idiot lights were showing on the Pool Chlorinator. Not a totally unexpected event. After all, we still have three weeks to pour good money after bad into the house sale.


Such is life, and my brain says, "Do the right thing."


As the universe laughs, we order parts on Amazon, hoping to get them before closing. Back to the business at hand. Have I told you that Downsizing is tedious? If not, then here it comes.

DOWNSIZING is worse than anything when it comes to moving. Rember we are taking 1800 sq ft down to a few hundred. The thinking process is crazy. Pick it up, ask yourself the same question over and over. That question is now written on the backside of your brain, pitch it, keep it. If keeping it, does it go to the storage, which is only sixty square feet, or along for the ride? If it goes along with us, then it gets carried and set down with other small boxes in the Belly of the Beast. A few times a week, we go, and sort through and either find a place for the stuff, or we rethink it. Each room is down to a handful of things simply because they are needed daily, like underwear and toothpaste.


Mt next fulltime job is route planning. There a few applications that assist, like, which is fantastic until it starts thinking it knows better than you do about the route. After the 4th rebuild of the course, I had to call support, which was quite helpful. I had in my settings the motorhome size, the application was taking me on its suggested itinerary based on that. Turning off the environment setting was not my first choice, but I know the road in question, and it's okay. I will hopefully remember to turn it back on after this trip. I've seen too many U-tube clips of trucks stuck under bridges to not remember.

A long journey requires several layovers. This first trip is a long one. Route planning and locating RV parks that are even open due to the virus is a challenge. So far, things are seemingly opening up for the summer. Each requires a phone call and information exchange, no different than a hotel reservation. I distinctly remember throwing my large planning calendar book away. Next trip to town, guess what I need, yep a planner.

Now, finally, without going into details, I have an appointment to have our Equinox rigged with all the needed stuff to tow it behind the motorhome. When the service appointment is complete, I will rate the experience. So far, I am not very happy with this large RV organization.

I did get a surprise that I have to take the Beast to them as well. Fun times! Something was nagging that little spot in the back of your mind. I decided to close up the Beast, raise the hydraulic leveling jacks. That little nag I had was now a throbbing headache. The jacks would not retract. At least my panic was several days from having to take the Beast to the dealer.

Needless to say, I spent a sweltering afternoon, reading the manual and tracing circuits, until I found the reset breaker that had tripped the last time, for an as of yet unknown reason.


House sale CLOSING is now less than two weeks away.


This is going to be fun!


So what can you expect from these BLOGS.

Good question, since I don't know for sure.

  • I will be chronicling our adventures, leaving very little out.

  • Pictures we take that are worthy of sharing.

  • Local stories

  • Local foods

  • Local shops

  • Local adventures

Remember, it's the Journey, not the destination.  




As an occasional bonus feature, I will share local foods found in our travels. Also, recipes of our own that we have perfected overtime, like the one below.




Awesome one-pot meal

Seafood solo

  • Onions - 1 large or 2-3 medium.

  • Garlic 3-5 cloves minced

  • Tomato sauce – 2 medium cans

  • Tomato diced – 2 medium cans, drained

  • A cup or more of cherry tomato, cut in half and drained

  • 4-5 bay leaves

  • ¼ cup real butter. I stick

  • Pasta of choice

  • Seafood - either Shrimp or scallops, etc.

  • Sweetener

  • Fresh mozzarella

  • Salt

  • pepper


  1. Boil shrimp for 90 seconds only, all they need to be cooked. Drain and put in ice water immediately. Set in refrigerator.

  2. Dice onion in larger pieces, and cook to appearing opaque, sprinkle salt while simmering to draw water off.

  3. Add minced garlic to the same pot to heated, not browned.4.

  4. Add sauce

  5. Add drained diced tomato

  6. Add bay leaf

  7. Add sweetener to taste, this is to only remove any acid of the sauce, don't over sweeten.

  8. Add salt and pepper to taste

  9. Add the butter

  10. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring often

  11. Either add seafood to sauce or heat in the sauce at the table as needed

  12. Serve over your pasta of choice.


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