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The Drifteers, (book #1 in series) an excerpt

"Neither boy dared to laugh at her in this getup she had on. They had all changed into clothing better suited to the period, they hoped and started walking. Angus and Don were acting as tour guides and told Sarah what she was seeing. This was to be a short trip, to prove things to Sarah, so they walked east to Larchmont, hoping the tollbooth would be there. The boys had dialed everything in just like the first night, and their hunch was right. The Larchmont #5 toll house was active. They walked up and said hello to Mr. Scott, who immediately zeroed in on Sarah. Her shiny black Native American hair halfway down her back had caught his eye, despite the beret style cap she had on, trying to blend in.

“Why hello lass.”

“Good day sir,” replied Sarah, trying to sound from back then, whenever then was.

Mr. Scott assumed that the trio were all related, offering them a portion of his stew, which is about all he had to offer. They sat and accepted the proffered tin cups of whatever was in the stew pot.

“Sarah proclaimed, “This stew is amazing, what’s in it?”

“Well young lass, let’s see there is carrots, potatoes, some dandelion greens I found and then a good share of a couple of meats, some rabbit, some squirrel and oh yea some good possum. Glad ya like it.”

After the three politely said they were going to go back to the farm and bid farewell, walked back as if out for a stroll. Sarah was silent, so the guys left her be.

As quick as they had drifted into the eighteen hundred’s, the three were back inside Angus’s room and trying to figure it out, seeing Sarah’s questions forming in her head.

“So, let me get this straight, that radio and that walkie-talkie are somehow transporting us back in time? Right here, in this spot? That’s why we fell on top of that big rock. Honestly, I don’t get it. Do we know how it works?”

“Something about the crystals changing, going off frequency over time. That’s the best we can figure out,” says Angus.

“Oh my God, we ate possum stew! Who eats possum stew, so gross.”

Everyone broke out in laughter at that memory, one they all now had. Sarah was still processing what had taken place when they gave up on talking, and each went home almost trying to think up things they could do with this ability. They agreed to meet in the morning in the treehouse to talk about it.




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