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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

― Nikola Tesla

The Drifteers I,II,III,IV

The life of ordinary young teens becomes very unordinary quickly. discovering time travel and that that others can do it too! Fast paced and just keeps coming, all woven in and around home life in this modern age of technology. When they drift through time its for practical reasons, to learn something or fix something if they can. Historical events depicted are genuine, including the local history of a small town in Pennsylvania.  Things unfolds to the reader in detail, deliberate in nature and approach, intermingled with family and many others . 

The real people and actual events interacting with nonfictional characters are all on me, of course. Time travel is the theme of the book series. 

Entertaining for both teens and adults in a romp through time. 

A genuine effort to capture a reader and wrap them in a fantasy world tied to authentic world history without them even knowing.



Here are a few of the actual posted reviews on Amazon from verified readers.

5 Star review-

Fascinating story! It started out reminding me much of Steven King's 11-22-63 with time travel and Mike has the same flair happening with style! Good work! Fun read!

5 Star review-

Very enjoyable read, especially having grown up in Newtown Square - it is fun & interesting and Michael Scot Boice teed it up for many possible adventures!

5 Star review-

I so enjoyed the second book in the Drifteers series. The characters are becoming familiar and the local history and stories are a wonderful way to tie in history for young and not-so-young adults. The storytelling is amazing. I had tears in my eyes one minute and about to jump out of my chair cheering the next. A fine read! When’s number 3 coming?

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