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Drifteer's III

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An excerpt-

Angus suddenly looked pale and whispered to his father, “are you carrying Dad?”

“You know I am, why?”

In hushed conversation, “what’s going on Angus, you are a bundle of nerves today?”

“Dad, do you trust me?”

“Silly question, of course.”

“Where we are going, you may need to turn over your weapon to them to get in.”

A look of frustration on his Dad’s face as they turned onto Rt. 252, heading out of town, “your joking, right?”

“No sir, I’m not, you know now where don’t you?”

“I was briefed on the visit with the rest of the department, I know who is here in town, but why are we going there?”

“That’s the trust part Dad, ok?”

“I’m trying, but you need to explain and soon.”

The black minibus eased into the driveway for the golf course and immediately was set upon at the gate by six men in suits wearing earpieces Metal sticks with mirrors were run under the bus, and two agents came up the stairs into the fancy bus, after that.

Welcome folks, I am told you are having dinner tonight with him. I hope you all understand that security protocols won’t allow any knives, sharp instruments, needles of any kind or…” The agent hesitated now looking at Mr. McKenzie, “…guns.”

The second agent smiled and said, “of course we know your department requires you to carry at all times, but this will have to be an exception, sir.” Back to the first agent, now apparently talking to someone in his ear, saying, “but we are not secure here, not yet anyway.” Now the agent was glaring at Mr. McKenzie, with his hand held out to collect his gun.

Walking down the driveway, to greet the bus was none other than the President of the United States and his son Franklin. Individual gasps of drawn breath from each on board the coach, the driver's hand was shaking as the President strode long, confident steps, not wasting a step, boarded in protests from the Secret Service detail.

“These are friends gentlemen, stand down.”

“But sir, it’s our duty…”

Cut off by the President, “And these good people are our friends, Mr. McKenzie is my guest, Sergeant McKenzie will keep his gun tonight. You see, I feel completely safe in his presence.”

Franklin had a big grin seeing his friends on board the bus. Dimitri’s mother nearly fainted after witnessing the man standing there. Her upbringing was far different than anyone here knew. This would take some time to comprehend for them all. Silence pervaded as the driver was waved through the gate and up the drive of the grand receiving hall for the golf club. The moment of seeing the President had its effect on the parents, him riding standing up and acting like a tour guide was more than the group could handle. He pointed off to one side saying his golf game that afternoon was not good, exclaiming a challenging course.

In between trying to calm Dimitri’s mother in Russian and asking Angus, how this all happened his mother was as calm as a cucumber, which puzzled Angus, but he let it drop.   

The President being the gracious host, stood to shake the hand of each parent as they stepped down onto the driveway.  He seemed to have memorized tidbits or snippets about each of the parents. Bringing them into the conversation casually as the polished politician. From the entry door looking elegant, the First Lady seemed to flow out of the doorway as she greeted each warmly. The shock that wasn’t a shock to anyone who had bothered to know her, she spoke seven languages fluently. Russian is one of them. Dimitri’s mother was quite taken with the President’s wife taking the time to talk to her.

Mr. McKenzie turned to Angus and said, “Care to explain?”

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