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# 14 Homeless !


Wow, so much going on. We have been emptying the house, making it ready for the new owners. That process is now complete, and someone else gets to enjoy the hacienda as we have.


Meanwhile, the Beast is enjoying the attention. She spent two days at Camping World in Ashland, VA. Friendly folks actually after getting to know them, Hardworking, severely understaffed, and overworked. We added a tow bar to the SUV, complete with a full braking system when it's attached to the back of the Beast. Their extensive camping and RV store will most likely be visited before we leave the area. Currently, we are at an undisclosed location, as we finalize the sale of the house. Yippee.

AS we loaded out the Beast from items that simply must go along with us, I am pretty sure my thinking was, we really don't need all this stuff. Each tote I carried, and we stowed away, seemed to make the suspension system creak and groan. I was convinced that I wouldn't make it up the driveway.

Well, it did, and to be honest, the extra stuff seemed to make the Beast smile. At a minimum, we will be doing our part in supporting the economic backbone of our society this summer, the oil industry can smile.

Remember a while back; me talking about downsizing and having to pick up everything in your hand at least three times to decide what to do with it. The reverse is now correct. The bins of important stuff have to be gone through. Each item decided on once again just how important it is to have along. Then, more importantly, where will it live in the belly of the Beast.

I am now actually getting excited about the travel, new places, new sites, and yes, meeting and interacting with others. Apparently, I have been missing some level of socialization on the work front. I have pocket dialed a few in my contacts list, accidentally. Sorry about that, folks.



Well, gotta run, we are off to buy more stuff, you know that important stuff we either have already disposed of or put in storage.

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