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Funny about Timing and Life

The same commute, albeit an hour plus and after 10 years of that boring drive...this:

Last week found myself 1st on the scene of a car hitting the rear of school bus at 60 mph. This morning in the middle of nowhere a car-fire in the breakdown lane on the right side. Fully involved , traffic a mess, 2 gentlemen standing as i pulled off on right well ahead of the fire and walked back catching enough conversation between them. My assessment training kicked in 1. life.2. property. This old car was now throwing flames a good 20 feet in the air. Idiotic drivers either slowing down or not getting to the left to stay clear of it.

Had to do what comes naturally. 1. Visual-No one in car. 2. Ask Driver any one else in the car. Answer No sir. 3. Any extra gas cans or propane tanks in the car. NO Sir. 4. Good now how about backing up about 150 feet. That tank could blow. Answer ..Yes sir. Must of been my flashlight with the blinking red handle so i continued. Two pickups actually stopped parallel to the fire on the left shoulder. Ahhh, you there the V DOT trucks - how about you move them out of there, come around and block both travel lanes, oh and maybe use those big old yellow lights on top while your at it. Another 20 minutes to see a fire truck, then another 10 to see blues coming...No one hurt no BOOM... AOK. For local VA folks this was on 360 eastbound half way up hill out of Amelia County.

What is amazing to me is the stupidity, yes stupidity, to be standing as close and the V DOT guys with their thumbs in there noses not thinking at all.

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