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In Plain Sight

Whether you believe humans are alone in the Universe or not matters little. You want to know the truth. Most people do. Surprisingly, the truth is in Plain Sight. It is right in front of you if you dare to see it. Understanding and believing in something bigger than us is the bedrock of humankind.  What if the story you grew up with as a child is close to the truth, just not the absolute truth. Come along with me and explore a different version of the truth. You won’t be disappointed.


Meet Avalina, the spoiled debutante living the unfulfilled lifestyle of the rich and not-so-famous.  Saree, her mother, does not like being in the public eye. Long ago, the truth passed from mother to daughter in the dead of night. This same quiet ritual brings us to the modern era of Saree and Avalina.  Learn along with Avalina, the spoiled rich girl, the party girl, as she becomes the keeper of the truth.


The passage of truth, hidden from all but the very keepers of knowledge themselves, is a truth few know. Join the enlightened few. Dare to be different.


I was one of those young rebels who dared to ask their parents the tough questions. As an adult, I still do. I know this novel will draw both praise and fiery response. This story came about as a result of the very What-ifs I’ve asked myself for years. We all have done it, pondered the what and why of our existence.


Now it is time for answers. In PLAIN SIGHT is an 85,000-word story that traverses everyone’s thoughts at some point.

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