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Two weeks Retired!






Life is a journey, we all know the destination. No one knows when we are to arrive at our destination. Sometimes the choices we make are reflected upon as either good or bad; other times, we gladly accept our path to that destination.

So when the Universe tosses a live grenade at you, you can either count to three and pull up the covers in hopes it passes you by, or you can face it head-on.

Retirement, all two weeks of it now, wow, and what has happened around me.

Bad Thing: the Stock Market is whispering in one ear, “Ha-Ha, get a job!”

Good Thing: It will recover, so stop the freaking Short-sellers already. Please put the uptick rule back in place, NOW.


Bad Thing: This Coronavirus has blossomed like we all knew it would.

Good Thing: Watching the statistics of it, the number of Recovered from it, has gone way up as a percentage.


Bad Thing: My brain still functions based on what I knew from twenty, thirty…ok even forty years ago. I have learned that others paint a house better than I ever could, and get paid more than I remember.

Good Thing: The Motorhome is nearing completion for our living accommodations.


Bad Thing: I don’t fit in some of the places, like under the dash like I used to. I almost had to press that button and say, “Help, I’m not twenty

anymore, and I can’t get out from between the seat and dashboard.”

Good Thing: We are becoming minimalists as we decide what to do with household items. Prepping to paint helped speed that up.


Bad Thing: I have started in the garage, where al the household things went to.

Good Thing: getting rid of old tools, that will never be used by me again.

Bad Thing: Crying as I get rid of old tools!



Please remember to buy my books, I am but a poor starving artist now.

Then leave a review, please. 

Breaking News: I have started a new and exciting manuscript. Think, modern-day reluctant superheroes. The lives of four young adults as they are approached and offered scholarships to a very mysterious college. An old abandoned building in an abandoned town where they learn of their own super abilities. Each learns how they got their incredible talents. Modern science they call it and a now-deceased physician outside the laws of nature and mankind practiced in the field of Invitro fertilization some twenty years in the past.  

For those wanting to watch the virus statistics themselves rather than trust the Media, try here:
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