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Book # 2 of the Drifteers saga is NOW AVAILABLE

The saga continues. All your friends are back, Angus, Don, Sarah, Darla and of course Rudi. Their misadventures and real adventures are taking you places this time you would not believe. do they learn who is chasing them? Do they discover why and how the government wants to stop them? Do they learn who the Others out there really are? 


An excerpt from Book 2-

Taking the steepest trail from the top made them near one of these overhangs of snow now in a melting state. The path crossed directly in front of and below a mountain ledge. Timing is sometimes the element of something being a success or total failure. What no one had a clue about was one of those moments. A very rare ground tremor shook the mountain as the three of them were skiing across the area under the mountain ledge. There was no time to think, to shout, or even get out of the way. A mountain of snow and ice was looming over them and already shaken loose. The tons of snow and ice were upon the three before they even knew what was happening. They had hardly noticed the ground shake. What they saw though was the sudden impact of tons of white stuff on top of them. Fortunately, they were close together enough to know where each other was. Not the best of situations but comforting somehow. The blackness was complete for the three. As the snow packed in around them, they had huddled together. The parents had made a futile attempt to protect their child. In the total silence, they could talk but knew this was not a good thing, their exhale of warm air would melt them into an igloo of death in a few hours’ time.
Greg muttered, “I didn’t bother to rent a beacon, didn’t think we needed too.” They all knew the beacon would penetrate the snow for rescue teams to find them. So far today was turning into a horrible day.

Sometimes in situations such as these, people forget things, only later to have a moment, a moment of ah ha, I should have or could have done this or that. Suddenly Rudi laughed, reminding herself she can fix this, she can drift out of this. When she set her mind actually to drift, nothing happened, odd, not a thing happened at all. No matter how she concentrated on drifting out and then rescuing her parents nothing happened.

Rudi, was keying in on her father’s words, dazed and near panicked, she thought beacon, if only I could send a signal. She thought this through, her hat on her head had to come off. Still unsure of why she could not drift, what else can she do she thought.

Moving her fingers and bending her head some she could do that. Then she remembered the block for frequency, the prototype thing. Yes, the one that kept Angus and her from communicating, his voice to her. All of this in her troubled mind was becoming traumatic.
“Can I even disable it maybe?” Rudi muttered to herself.
Her mother in her snow prison mumbled, “What dear, disable what?”
“Nothing at all, mom, thinking to myself is all.”
In her mind, she was planning her last moments of consciousness in the ice prison. If she could reach from one side to the other, then remove and destroy the frequency thing. It occurred to her in a panic, which ‘thingy’ was which. She wasn’t sure and laid there dwelling on that thought, left or right armpit. One would bring her back onto the frequency Angus was on, the other could subject her to anyone monitoring the bandwidth to locate her. What to do, what to do.

Her mother was losing consciousness and knew it; her dad had been silent awhile now as she went through her nightmare of conflict.

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