• Michael Scot Boice

Latest efforts

While doing my own marketing I have signed up for two different services to promote my book. The first tweet on went out just now. The second one will start on 12/21/2017 with a Tweets, emails and prominent listings on Written Word media promotions. Excited to see the effect on things. Meanwhile I have been adding new subscribers as they come in form the website you are on.

Crazy thing about writing a book. There comes a point where you have to back away form it, let your subconscious dwell on it a while. My parents used to say "Sleep on it, see how you feel about something in the morning." Well this morning I started to tug at that thread some as i drove to my day job at 6 AM. Slowly, it started to unravel, then it flooded out as fast as i could grab my pocket recorder and dictate what i had in my head. Thanks Mom and Dad, that sleeping on it actually works.