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Parental Promise

My solemn promise to all parents is as follows. Whether your child reads my work, or you are reading to them, my books will always entertain. The world we grew up is not today's world, of a young teen. They have to grow up far too fast. Everything from social media to schools teaching safety in the face of an Active Shooter, you merely want to protect them as long as you can.

At no time will any of my Young Adult series contain politics, religion, or sexual references. Tired of them reading dark vampire novels well rest assured there will be no hockey-masked slashers, blood sucking vampires or Zombies.

What there will be is an entertaining, exciting, emotional storyline between friends and family. My characters both succeed and fail at times. A teen will be able to relate to one or more of the characters. Hidden lessons on doing the right thing and learning actual historical events will go by as exciting dramatic reading. 


My passion for learning the tidbits of history, the personable side of things will stand out in bringing to life real historical events.

- Michael Scot Boice
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