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Welcome to my world. 

The exciting saga of the Drifteers continues!

Meet the latest travelers.

Characters, generations after the Drifteers, have disappeared in time!

What do four teens, living separate lives, have in common? Find out in the exciting continuation of the Drifteers!
Each has skills they hide from others. Enhanced sight, hearing, or smell hide these skills out of being ridiculed by others as a freak.
Their genetics altered before they were born. All were secretly modified by one or more unscrupulous doctors. To survive in today’s society, being a standout is not always good.


All four who are graduating from high school and entering adulthood are approached by a mysterious man who knows their potential. A secret government agency that had been monitoring them since birth.

The introverted boy, the team volleyball champ, the rebellious blue-haired girl in sunglasses, and the convicted criminal each grab at the chance for a scholarship this mystery man offers.  

Once in training, they learn the truth of their births, their capabilities.

Now they solve bizarre crimes. Backgrounds are different, each an extraordinary talent. None know of their purpose in life, finding refuge in becoming a team of modern law enforcement. What no one knows is their more profound connection to the Drifteers. A sinister plot born of a menacing achievement of science. Creating alternate worlds, but who is behind it?

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