Welcome to my world. 

Writing a book is not as hard as it may sound, with the right idea it merely oozes out of my brain, runs down my arms and out my fingers, somehow getting onto paper. I am always amazed at seeing the finished product, not because my name is on it, but because I know I created something that will live after I am gone. That is a gratifying thing to ponder. Like throwing a bottled note into the ocean, will anyone find it or read it?  One can only hope. 

I do not consider myself an author or novelist, those titles are far too lofty and reserved for the likes of Stephen King and Ken Follett. I prefer thinking of myself as a Story-Teller. That title puts me in a class of people that have been enthralling others day after day since the beginning of language itself. No technology,  just their own wits, and imagination,  telling stories to entertain the masses.

I started writing in the young adult genre and have three books, a series titled the Drifteers. It will engross anyone young or adult in a world of Time-Travel that makes you the reader feel like one of the teenagers making such a discovery. This series takes them through their high school years and leaves off at the scary time of being on their own.  Their burden is keeping the world safe from those wanting to use the power of "Drifting" for nefarious purposes.


As I was doing book three of the Drifteers, an idea for a different book came to me. Currently, that germ of an idea is now coming to fruition. An idea that builds in my subconscious eventually overtakes all else and has to come out. This new idea is flowing into paper nicely.


This new one is surprising even me.  It is suspenseful like a Stephen King novel, which a reader review claim they are reminded of. Personally, I am striving to make it as colorful a background and characterization as Ken Follett. OK...OK I know that's name dropping.

Please take a look at my Books pages!  While you're there...enjoy!